Turning Disruption into Opportunity

The challenge
It is the age of the customer and all companies are now forced to adapt to market disruptions such as cloud computing, big data and analytics, mobile business, and social business. These disruptions offer new opportunities for competitive advantage by lowering barriers to entry, achieving greater economies of scale, laser-focused messaging, and true customer dialog. IBM saw these disruptions as opportunities, and when it came to penetrating the cloud market, IBM turned to WIS.

The solution
In 2014, IBM Cloud Services turned to WIS for thought leadership, audience acquisition, and demand generation. Competing in the competitive cloud market, IBM Cloud Services established itself as the preeminent cloud provider for enterprise clients with the help of WIS. Hundreds of qualified leads were passed to IBM during a year-long program that encompassed webinars, whitepapers, live Q&As, and a multi-city roadshow the helped IBM establish new relationships at Fortune 500 companies, build its brand, and win new business at some of the world’s leading companies.

Targeted marketing, targeted results
WIS worked with IBM to create exclusive content that moved beyond clichéd sales pitches and created in-depth advice that helped customers make more informed buying decisions and tip the scales in favor of IBM when it came to these high involvement purchases. This program is a prime example of WIS’s expertise in helping its clients save time, money, and resources and get tangible results.

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